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By Shazia Smith

It Can Only Lead to One Thing - 1st Edition (Cards & Dice Only)

It Can Only Lead to One Thing - 1st Edition (Cards & Dice Only)

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Spice up your nights with the ultimate blend of fun and sensuality! Welcome to... It Can Only Lead to One Thing. The sexy and fun card game designed to get you and your partner drunk, deep and dirty. This game includes 69 enjoyable cards including action cards & question cards - perfect for your desirable occasion.

What's Inside:

69 Enjoyable Cards: Dive into a deck filled with excitement! With action cards, question cards, and a dice. Each card promises to take your experience to new heights, igniting laughter and connection.

Unleash the Passion: From playful dares to intimate questions, the game invites you to explore deep and dirty conversations that'll have you feeling closer than ever.

Inclusive for All Genders: Love knows no boundaries, and neither does our game. 'It Can Only Lead to One Thing' embraces players of all genders, ensuring everyone can indulge in the thrill of the game.
Get ready to sip, laugh, and dive into a world of pleasure.

How to play: Pour two drinks and separate the cards into two piles; Action & Let’s Get Deep. Each player takes turns to roll the dice and follow what it lands on. (either pick a card from its corresponding pile, take a shot or skip your turn)


Please make sure you are consensual with your partner and please drink responsibly. 21+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! 'It Can Only Lead to One Thing' is designed for players of all genders to enjoy.

Yes, the game is crafted to enhance connections for couples, friends, or any group open to exploring fun and intimate conversations.

Our recommendation is two, however the game can be played with more, making it perfect for intimate sessions or larger groups.

Absolutely! While the game includes elements for added fun with drinks, it can be enjoyed without alcohol, ensuring a tailored experience for every player.

Prioritise open communication with your partner(s). Set boundaries and ensure everyone is comfortable. Consent is key in enjoying the game responsibly.

Currently, the game comes as a complete set, but we're always open to feedback. Feel free to share your suggestions with us!

If you have any more questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us on our socials or email us at: